Tales of Tellers

by Lost Things

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It's said that it is darkest just before the dawn. Yet the blind can tell no difference, whether dawn or dusk. How then can a perceived dawn bring about hope when there is no comprehension of light? How can light ever truly trump darkness when the blind lack the ability to discern between that which is dark and that which is light? If the blind were presented with light, even in its purest form, would they believe it to be so and embrace it, or would they continue on in the place that they've found comfort, the place where they've found routine; the dark? These are the Tales of Tellers.


released February 26, 2017

All songs copyright Lost Things 2016. All songs written and performed by Lost Things. Engineered/Produced by Jordan White and Josh Unitt. Mixed by Anthony "Soundboi" Reeder. Mastered by Bill Henderson @ Azimuth Mastering. Artwork by Sam Shepherd.



all rights reserved


Lost Things Sacramento, California

We are all lost things.

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Track Name: Village Idiot
Children, children, come gather round my yell. The fathers have gone missing, in case you couldn't tell. The food is scarce, the wells run dry, this isn't like the past. So take a breath and drink in deep, as it may be your last.

The tellers tell of mysteries
of hopeless doors and unseen keys
With lies inside their lungs

They breathe in hope, and exhale death
A taste of love lingers on their breath
What lies inside their lungs?

Close your eyes and you'll see;
truth is hiding, truth is hiding out

Would you even believe?
If you found the truth, would you even believe?

Brothers and sisters
I've seen how it ends
The land that I promised
It's time to make 'mends
I know what I told taste' of love,
but I sold all your grace and your faith for a fortune

Yeah, I made a fortune! I sold it all!
All your "grace," and your "love," and all that is good, I sold it all!
And I made a fortune!
Track Name: Dead in the Water
Help me sleep off wonder
Help me sleep regret away
before I wake

Tell me what lies hiding
Tell me which of love or hate
for them awaits

I'm dead awaiting wonder,
but the dead won't wait for too long.
Track Name: Friends 'til it Ends
Lie for me this time
Say we'll be alright
Ignore what lies ahead
As death it circles in

Don't let it go
Don't let it fade away
the sacred promise
that we pretend to be

Won't you stay for the night?
And if morning comes I'll breathe us back to life

Sin with me or spend your nights
with no one by your side
Lose your heart as they foretold
Prophets dressed in memories old

Just let it go
Just let it fade away
the sacred promise
that we pretend to be

The setting sun will save us
The setting sun will save us this time
The morning holds a memory
The morning holds a memory of night
Track Name: The Weight of Gold
Wolves are waiting for you
taking everything you knew
Only thieves among them
Making promises of few

You can tell the teller
in tongues of angels song
But the weight of gold
The weight of gold

Is there something I can do?
Is there something I can say?
Is there nothing left to lose?
Or is there something we can save?

Sell us signs and wonders
And love without an end
Seventy times seven
The sacred laws that you amend

You can't tell the teller
that widows mites hold up
But the weight of gold
The weight of gold

We'll right you of all of your wrongs
Just make sure you pay us on time
We'll wash you of all of your sins
Then remind you of all your crimes
Track Name: The Tellers
It's over. It's over. It's over. It's over.
It's over. It's over. It's over. It's over.

Come see these walls are falling
Fire fills my eyes
Their gallows stand stand like altars
of free men

So raise your fists in wonder
With fire in your eyes
Behold the revolution
Of free men

We're the tellers
Oh, it's just begun
We're the dreamers
Of the world to come

We keep getting closer
but it's never over